Creating patient education content for leading health care digital brands, including Everyday Health, What To Expect, Mayo Clinic, and more.

Empowering Patients

Patients are more important influencers today than ever before. We seek their experience with treatment as well as their health care decisions regarding quality of life. We can learn from their knowledge and be encouraged by their stories. I have been fortunate to interview hundreds of courageous patients, caregivers, and physicians who have inspired me and many others. My focus is on recruiting patients living with chronic illness for pharmaceutical clients and documenting their stories to help other


Carolynn Delany is the creative force behind Art Of Information. She hasĀ managed live network television remotes with high profile politicians at 5am, wrangled Kid Rock and The Rock, and orchestrated educational and interactive webcasts for pharmaceutical and health care giants. Her goal is to create informative and engaging content to positively influence health care choices.