Patients and consumers are more influential today than ever before. We can learn from their experiences and be encouraged by their stories.

We have been fortunate to interview hundreds of courageous patients, caregivers, and physicians. The information they’ve shared has inspired others to learn more about chronic health conditions and the treatment options available. Our focus is researching, recruiting and learning from patients living with chronic illness and documenting their stories to help others.

We are resourceful and well-connected. We enjoy wearing many hats. We are always up for a challenge. We’ve managed live network television remotes with high profile politicians at 5 a.m., wrangled Kid Rock and The Rock, and – we make a mean grilled cheese.

Our goal is to create informative and engaging content to positively impact today’s health care consumer.

Whether you need to create a series of patient-centric videos, a moderator for a health related panel, or a reliable, organized and creative project manager for a top priority project, we’d love to help.