About Us

Carolynn Delany

Carolynn has developed content for large consumer-based websites including everydayhealth.com, Mayo Clinic and What to Expect. Her previous projects include the MTV inspired series 24/7, live music webcasts for the BBC, interactive medical webcasts for IBEAM Broadcasting, and live on location productions with senators and presidential candidates for Meet the Press. She has created educational programs that aired via satellite in schools across the United States, Mexico and Canada for EMG, a division of SIMON & SCHUSTER. And, she’s wrangled Kid Rock and The Rock, but not at the same time. Carolynn also has a bachelor’s degree in English from Arizona State University.

Dennis Burges

Dennis is a graduate of ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, specializing in TV production. After college, Dennis moved to Los Angeles for post-production work on numerous Hollywood films and TV shows. He is adept in both production and post as a videographer, editor and audio engineer. With the advent of digital/online media, Dennis added software development to his toolkit and transitioned to producing a range of online content from Flash based interactive titles to video-centric distance learning programs and mobile apps. He recently completed a MS degree in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.